Journalists and social networking

Date: October 21st
Time: 19:30h
Place: 37 Grados (Av. Roma / Comte Borrell)

How far can journalists go in their personal social network profiles? Are they representing themselves or their companies? How far can companies go to enforce their internal rules and guidelines?

Octavia Nasr was fired from CNN after publishing on Twitter a message praising a muslim cleric, founder of Hezbollah, after his death. Mike Wise, sports writer on the Washington Post, was suspended for a month after saying on his Twitter account that a football player was punished for 5 games instead of 6, as part of a experiment.

This and other instances evidence the cultural clash in newsrooms between old standards of (alleged?) objectivity and the new open channels of communication between journalists and audience, where objectivity isn’t as valued as trust and veracity.

In the first BCNMediaLab edition we want to analyze this cultural clash, in which both journalists and companies have something to lose, and something to win. To reflect on this topic, we have invited to chat with us (and you):

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