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And what will be the role of print?

Date: February 24th
37 Grados (Av. Roma / Comte Borrell)

When organizing the third BCNMediaLab event we started asking ourselves: how will be the newspapers and magazines of the future? What will be their role in a news ecosystem dominated by real time, ubiquity and overload of information? We are seeing how press companies join digital natives, but also digital companies that decide to venture into paper. Newspapers and magazines are still born in paper form, like the catalan newspaper ARA, or the local magazine Barcelonés, defying the voices that keep claiming that paper is dead.

It was the journalist Philip Meyer who dared to say exactly when the newspapers will die, in his book The Vanishing Newspaper: 2043.

In the United States at least 166 newspapers ceased operations since 2008, but there are still 1.600 published daily. In Spain, the 4 major newspapers have reduced their staff by 39% since 2003, and there has been more than 2.000 layoffs since the economic crisis started.

With all these data, we asked ourselves: What will be the role of paper? How will be the newspapers and magazines of the future? To whom will they be addressed? Will they remain influential? Will they even be daily? What will drive us to buy a paper publication when we have digital, interactive platforms at our fingertips? To get answers to those questions, we have invited:

  • Louis-Charles Tiar, editor of Barcelonés and Madriz: two young projects with a clear bet for paper and diferentiation.
  • Antoni Maria Piqué, journalist and PDD by IESE. He’s a consultant in Newsroom Organization and Integration and Editorial Development. He has managed or participated in projects in more than 100 newspapers, from 55 companies and 23 different countries in Europe and America. He worked in La Vanguardia and was the editor of the Diari de Tarragona. He’s also associate teacher in the Universidad Internacional de Cataluña. He writes about media and journalism in the blog Paper Papers.
  • And José Sanclemente, economist and managing director of Imagina Media, a media consulting company. Until 2002 he was member of the board in the Grupo Zeta. He was president of the AEDE (Spanish Newspaper Editor Association), and promoter and founder of the free newspaper ADN. He writes on his blog, Entre medios.

Journalists & entrepeneurs

BCNMediaLab: Journalists-EntrepeneursDate:Tuesday, December 21st
Time: 19:30h
Place: 37 Grados (Av. Roma/Comte Borrell)

Since 2007, thousands of journalists have lost their job. More than 5.000 are currently unemployed. The layoffs in media companies, traditional or not, are constant. There are almost no new job openings, and when they happen, the working conditions are poor. What’s the solution?

In the next BCNMediaLab we want to discuss an option that is increasingly popular among journalists: to become entrepeneurs. Journalists are building online micro news sites, social networks, independent audiovisual production companies, PR and communication agencies… Fortunately, there is a growing.number of examples.

Powerful initiatives like Politico and ProPublica in the US or Cuarto Poder, Periodismo Ciudadano or Bottup in Spain, have shown that the figure of journalist-entrepeneur is possible. Even Jeff Jarvis has launched the Center for Entrepreneurial Journalism. Hundreds of journalists are not waiting anymore for the media to provide them with a job. They invent one for themselves.

Is it possible to be a journalist-entrepeneur today in Spain? What kind of knowledge and resources are necessary? Which ideas are more likely to succeed? and to fail? Is it a viable option for anybody, or only for a few?

We have invited four journalists-entrepeneurs to answer this and other questions, and to tell us their own experiences:

  • Vicent Partal: is the founder and managing director of Vilaweb and it’s considered a pioneer in online and digital media in Catalonia. Before founding Vilaweb he worked as a journalist in El Temps, Diari de Barcelona, TVE, Cataluña Radio, el Punt and La Vanguardia.
  • Christian de Angelis y Pilar Riaño: In march 2010 they launched Modaes, an economic news website focused in the fashion market that has become a reference in the market in its few months of activity. They both used to work for Unidad Editorial economic newspaper, Expansión.
  • Valentí Sanjuan: Journalist, founder of, responsible of the (collaborative movie made by twitter users) and the online TV and radio program Vist i no Vist, which was previously broadcasted by Catalunya Radio.
  • Andreu Caritg and Oriol Solé: journalists, co-founders of, one of the first university-oriented social networks in Spain, founded in 2002, and with more than 300.000 users today.

Periodistas emprendedores

BCNMedialab 2: Periodistas emprendedoresFecha: Martes, 21 de Diciembre
Hora: 19:30
Lugar: 37 Grados (Av. Roma/Comte Borrell)

Desde el 2007, miles de periodistas se han quedado en el paro. Más de 5.000 están ahora en la calle. El goteo de despidos en los medios, tradicionales o no, es constante. Las contrataciones son inexistentes y las pocas que se producen se realizan en pésimas condiciones laborales. ¿Cuál es la salida?

En esta edición del BCNMediaLab reflexionamos sobre una opción por la que cada vez más periodistas están optando: convertirse en emprendedores. Crear micro-medios online, redes sociales, productoras independientes, agencias de comunicación… Afortunadamente, cada vez hay más ejemplos.

Iniciativas potentes como Político y ProPublica en EE UU o Cuarto Poder, Periodismo Ciudadano o en España, demuestran que la figura del periodista emprendedor es posible. Incluso Jeff Jarvis se ha lanzado a crear el Center for Entrepreneurial Journalism. Cientos de periodistas ya no esperan que ningún medio les de trabajo: se lo inventan.

¿Se puede ser periodista-emprendedor hoy en día en España? ¿Qué conocimientos y recursos se necesitan? ¿Qué ideas tienen más posibilidades de triunfar y cuáles de fracasar? ¿Es una opción viable para cualquiera o sólo para unos pocos?

Cuatro periodistas-emprendedores invitados respondieron a estas y otras cuestiones y nos explicaron sus propias experiencias. Contamos con:

  • Vicent Partal: es fundador y director de Vilaweb y considerado uno de los pioneros en los medios digitales en Cataluña. Previamente trabajó en El Temps, Diari de Barcelona, TVE, Catalunya Ràdio, el Punt y La Vanguardia.
  • Christian de Angelis y Pilar Riaño: En marzo de 2010 lanzaron Modaes, una web de información económica y moda que en pocos meses ha logrado ser una referencia para el sector. Ambos trabajaban en Expansión.
  • Valentí Sanjuan: Periodista, fundador de, responsable de (película colaborativa hecha por tuiteros) y el programa de radio y TV online Vist i no Vist, antes emitido en Catalunya Ràdio.
  • Andreu Caritg y Oriol Solé: periodistas, co-fundadores de, una de las primeras redes sociales universitarias de España, fundada en 2002, y que hoy supera los 300.000 usuarios registrados.

Vídeo de la primera trobada del BCNMediaLab

Video recording of the first BCNMediaLab meetup

Vídeo del primer encuentro del BCNMediaLab

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