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Entrepeneur profiles: FronteraD

FronteraD was launched one year ago. This online media project diferentiates itself from the rest by refusing to compete in the daily race. Instead FronteraD publishes new content weekly, focusing on quality and topics away from the usual mainstream media coverage. Two of their features have been awarded recently.

The initial project was a paper magazine, but after 6 years of planning they decided to focus their efforts on the online version, which was ready in just a year. Besides advertising, revenue comes through donations from readers, a model very much like Periodismo Humano, a similar project.

Jose Luís Toledano, Managing Director of FronteraD, thinks that a journalist that is thinking of becoming an entrepeneur should “invest time and effort in an appropiate content management system, look for a good financial partner, have luck, don’t give up. And guarantee the economic survival of the project for at least 2 years before taking it to the market”.

Key data:

  • Start-up costs: 70.000€
  • Years of planning: 6 when the project was a paper magazine with online version. When it was reduced to just an online magazine, 1 year.
  • Years to profit: 3 (planned in 2012).
  • Staff at launch: 6 plus freelance collaborators.
  • Staff today: 4 plus freelance collaborators.
  • Next step: Keep improving and launch a paper magazine.

Changes in the next BCNMediaLab

Sadly, Vicent Partal will not be able to talk at the next BCNMediaLab. But in his place we’ll have the chance to listen the story of Pilar Riaño and Christian de Angelis, two experienced journalists who previously worked for Expansión, that in March of 2010 launched Modaes, an economic news website focused on the fashion and retail markets. In its few months of existence Modaes has already become a reference in its market.


The objective of BCNMediaLab is to be a gathering of journalists and communication professionals with an interest to debate around the issues shaping the future of journalism and the impact of the Internet and new technologies, so we can create and maintain an open pool of ideas. We want to collectively reflect on the digital present and future, and help establish the basis for a more innovative market that could evolve and adapt to the new media context.

BCNMediaLab Events

BCNMedialab: the role of paperThe role of paper
February 24th 2011, 19:30, @ 37 Grados.
When organizing the third BCNMediaLab event we started asking ourselves: how will be the newspapers and magazines of the future? What will be their role in a news ecosystem dominated by real time, ubiquity and overload of information? Will they remain influential? Will they even be daily? Sign up here.

Journalists EntrepeneursJournalists-Entrepeneurs
December 21st 2010, 19:30, @ 37 Grados.
In the next BCNMediaLab we want to discuss an option that is increasingly popular among journalists, as a solution to the lack of job openings and poor working conditions: to become entrepeneurs. Four journalists will tell us their success stories and share their experiences with us. See the video.

Journalists and social networking
October 21st 2010, 19:30, @ 37 Grados.
In the first BCNMediaLab edition we wanted to analyze the cultural clash that happens with the presence of journalists in social networks interacting directly, without intermediation, with the rest of participants in the media process (sources, journalists, readers…). In this cultural clash, both journalists and companies have something to lose, and something to win. See the video.

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